Someone said they have been given the 'all clear'

On one of the other MS forums I go on from time to time, someone posted this morning that they have now been given the ‘all clear’ by their Neurologist. I am confused I truly did think that there is no cure for MS and that it is a lifelong condition. What could they mean? I did ask them but have not had a reply. I have received a copy of the ‘overcoming MS’ book by Prof Jelinek but in truth I found it a bit overwhelming there are some obviously good things in there about diet etc…but can we aver be given the ‘all clear’ ??

They Obviously never had MS in the first place. Good for Him/Her.

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Agreed, they probably thought they ‘had all the symptoms’, were referred to a neurologist, had an MRI and maybe other tests and subsequently discovered their symptoms were unrelated to MS.

It’s common. Frightens people silly when they think they have MS, but half the time they don’t. Too much googling.


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Prob never had it in the 1st place - an ex nurse advised me to stay away from the internet as well and funny a neighbour of mine, now in his 70’s is forever buying potions of the web

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