Somebody please explain, what's going on??????????

Good Morning all,

The following has happpened:

I went out for a meal with a Uni friend on 30th May at 6.30pm and riight leg froze
and couldn’t make a step. I was carried in restauraunt by two friends and carried out
by three. On getting home i phoned ambulance and was taken into A&E. i was checked out
i.e urine, blood tests and was discharged at 1.30am on 31st May,

The same happened on 15th May as was walking out of mosque. I was carried to road by
two friends and then driven home by another and two friends helped me in doors. I decided
to go back in hospital on 16th June and was kept in until 21st June with no real explanation.

I collapsed on 29th June after leaning on wall to walk upstairs. I was kept in hospital untitil 16th July and consultant advised that they don’t think i had a ms relapse and got fantastic had physio support. The night before I was discharged i fell in toilet and had to be helped up by two nurses. I did cause a fuss but was still discharged on 16th July.

My brother has set up my room so don’t have to go downstairs i.e. tv, laptop are in my bedroom and good as bathroom is next door.

This has been going on. Explanation please as not happy.

Hi, When the weather’s humid and warm, I find that the carpet feels like it’s covered in dew (I go around barefoot) and I can’t drag my feet easily. I also find I struggle to lift my left leg at all and getting about becomes hard work. Having a rest doesn’t help although things are a little better when I sit in front of a fan. Heather


Were any of these events precipitated by emotional excitement? It strikes me at least a couple of them could be - were you excited about the meal with a friend? I don’t mean to pry into your religious convictions, but do you get excited/uplifted by visiting the mosque?

It’s well known that stress can cause a sudden exacerbation of symptoms, but less well-known is that excitement is physiologically indistinguishable from stress, so it’s possible to have a similar reaction, even to happy, positive emotions. If you were enthused by meeting the friend, or a particularly inspiring religious service, it’s possible it affected you in much the same way as stress. Your body can’t really tell the difference - it just knows you’re “more fired up” for some reason.



I just want to echo what Heather and Tina have said. The humid weather is a nightmare and so it stress. I am suffering at the moment so I expect the same thing has happened to me.

Take care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

I was knocked out last year and have an hour nap in afternoon and plenty of ice cream and cold water.

This occurance has happened on random occasions. I am going for my tysabri infusion on 12th Sept and

will chat to my consultant. Thank you for your advice etc.

Hello all,

I went to listen toa lecture at the mosque and made sure that i had a rest before hand.

i have also had fan in hot weather.