Some sort of bug which flared my MS symptoms

So, after I’ve been prescribed a short Course of Naproxen, to help my back but it’s helped all my muscles relax a bit…relief. Then, just as I’m feeling wonderful and enjoying my bit of relief, I end up with stomach pain, feeling nauseous and diarrhoea …not nice. Today, it’s eased off, just left with stomach cramps but I woke up with a dead feeling left arm. My bicep muscle feels like it’s been hit hard and it feels dead yet achey? Hard to describe. I’m now able to lift light things, but not anything heavier than a small plate. Weird!

Hi Bev, sounds horrible and I am wondering if you have had a bad reaction to the naproxen…what do you think?

Something I wonder about is how can something that goes numb still hurt? Crazy, innit?


Hi there, one of my buddies on here let me know I had a message…yes, I think I will give her the title of postie :slight_smile: I was thinking about the naproxen too, but that day we (me and hubby) had dinner at a garden centre, then, that afternoon I was planting some seedlings, so it could have been either of those too :s not sure to be honest. Is that a common thing? A limb feeling numb yet hurting too? I get that a lot in my left leg, so the arm was a surprise as that one hadn’t played up in ages. Ah well. Hope you’re alright xx