Some people.....

Are just so lovely, I have to tell you what happened today.

I have a young couple living next door to me. They moved in a very short time before Mr Val died last spring. I see them ocasionally, just to say hello, and I take any parcels in for them, that sort of thing - but that’s about all.

We used to have tropical fish but now I’m on my own I couldn’t maintaIn the tanks so I’ve been getting rid of all the stuff. Last to go was a huge tank and it’s base which was still in the front garden, cunningly disguised behind a hedge and weighing a ton, waiting for some miraculous solution as to how to dispose of it. As I was sitting in my car this morning about to head off for work, the neighbour knocked on the window to say he would be going to the tip and would I like him to take the tank. When I got home from work it was gone. How kind was that? I’d not mentioned it to him at all, it was just pure kindness. I hate to think how he lifted it!

That’s all really, just a nice thing that happened.

What a lovely story Val, it’s good to read about something nice happening to somebody

L x

That’s what I thought. They don’t know I’ve got MS, but they have seen me wobbling about with a stick. Nice people.

What lovely neighbours you have, Val

What lovely nieghbours you have, Val

It is the little things that make such a difference aren’t they Val?

B xxx

Awww, bless them!

They’ll be inviting you round to babysit next


What a lovely neighbour!

Karen xx

It’s great when you have neighbours like that, Cheryl:)

Your new neighbours sound great; like a breath of fresh air!


I have Annie, I am very lucky.

It is B, and what made it so special was that it was so unexxpected. Bless him!

There are very very kind people living near me…

But babysitting? Oh goodness… actually, we’ve been in this house since it was newly built 28 years ago but that house has had many new occupants. And they have almost all had new babies there so you might well be right. Eeek!

Yes and it must have been a horrible job. I posted a thank you note through the door this morning.

Yes. I shall appreciate them even more now!

Must be a good day for all today. Went down the market and there was some bloke called Trotter selling a fish tank for £30; bargain!

Merry Xmas


It’s those little things that make life so much easier. She saved you so much trouble just by doing that… Perhaps the husband isn’t so bad after all…?!!

Fair enough Mel. One day!

It restores your faith in human nature doesn’t it?

I am blessed with good neighbours - not in each others pockets - but they were kindness itself when my better half was seriously ill. I didn’t have to ask for help they just gave it without question and with good humour.

We have no family and some so called friends abandoned us when I was diagnosed with ms - either embarrassed to be seen with me or afraid of being asked to help I suppose - they didn’t offer any explanation.

This made me appreciate my neighbours all the more, especially as we were new to the area having had to downsize into more manageable bungalow.