Some opinions please

Hi all, my name is Dan, I’m 30 and I was looking for some opinions/input if possible?

For the last few years I’ve been experiencing a number of irritating, sometimes debilitating symptoms. At first these were passed off by my GP as depression and lack of exercise - the usual first ports of call. 3 years later it transpires I actually had severe sleep apnea (I would stop breathing for up to 90 seconds a time) and undiagnosed adult ADHD - both of these I initially self diagnosed on gut instinct and further medical investigation confirmed my instincts. Thankfully many of the symptoms I had been experiencing have subsequently subsided but unfortunately most have not. I had a friend a few years back who had quite advanced MS and I got to know many of the symptoms she exhibited quite well. I have in the past entertained the idea that many of my symptoms may be synonymous with those of my friend but would immediately put the idea to one side and move on. Unfortunately, despite being compliant with both sleep apnea and ADHD treatment, my other symptoms appear to be progressing.

I have a tendency to waffle and over analyse so I’ll try and be as concise as possible. The following is a list of some of the most prominent symptoms I experience on almost a daily basis:

  • Severe sleep apnea (diagnosed September 2012)

  • Adult ADHD (diagnosed in January)

  • Frequent double/blurred vision

  • Neck stiffness/pain

  • Frequent headaches (occasionally migraines)

  • Frequent chest pain/tightness (angiogram showed heart/arteries were healthy and undamaged)

  • Frequent numbness in right hand, occasionally in left

  • Constant mild to moderate dizziness/vertigo (positionally/posturally exacerbated)

  • Very frequent periods of moderate cognitive impairment

  • Occasional twitching of eyelids

  • Occasional spasms/pins and needles above right eye/forehead

  • Frequent mild/moderate tremors in right hand

  • Balance problems/coordination problems - Frequently bumping into things

  • Eye floaters

  • Back pain

  • Drop things regularly

  • Very frequent memory/concentration problems (working memory especially)

  • Occasional eye pain/discomfort when looking up

  • Regular periods of temporary “dyslexia”

  • Frequent handwriting issues

  • Issues with accurately controlling computer mice

  • Reasonably regular muscle weakness (despite being almost 6ft 3 and built like a tank)

  • Carpel tunnel like symptoms

  • Frequent urination/the urge to urinate and problems holding it in for very long

  • Occasional “bedroom” dysfunction

  • Persistent tiredness/fatigue despite being 99% compliant with sleep apnea treatment

  • Frequent constipation, occasionally for extended periods of time - most recent was over a week

  • Reasonably regular depression/anxiety with no discernible pattern

  • Mood swings

  • Frequent speech issues - raspy/hoarse, poor articulation, mispronunciation and merging of words

  • Occasional slurred speech - sometimes to the point of appearing drunk.

  • Moderately frequent tinnitus

  • Occasional decrease in hearing “quality”

  • Regular itching

  • Occasional swallowing problems - to the point of experiencing problems in swallowing medication

In addition, I recently had a thyroid function test. This test showed a low T4 level but a high T3 level - which makes absolutely no sense. I read a medical paper which suggests that such a result can be an indicator of “anti-thyroid” antibodies. I have also read that these antibodies can aparrently be five times more prevalent in MS sufferers.

Obviously I’m not in any way expecting a diagnosis over an internet forum, but some input as to similar experiences and such would be appreciated. As aforementioned, I’ve known someone with MS before and recognise many of the symptoms and as mad as it sounds, my gut instinct is chiming in again and hasn’t let me down yet.

I have spoken to my GP and I was referred to a neurologist back in March. My appointment eventually came through but is not until mid December 2013. The possibility of MS has not been discussed thus far - I do wonder whether raising the subject with my GP in the interim would possibly result in being seen by a neurologist before December.

Many thanks for reading and any thoughts opinions would be greatly appreciated


Hi, mmm.lots going on there.

You dont mention anything about any mobility issues. Although not in all cases of MS, mobility does often show a problem.

Eye problems are quite a sign indicating MS.

In my experience, GPs do not like to suggest anything as serious as MS, but I know other members here have said their GPs have done so.

Your`s is doing the right thing in referring you to a neuro, but it is a long time to wait. I wonder if you can get to see a neuro earlier if you go to a different hospital. This is a question you could ask of your GP.

Like you, i also over-analyze and drive myself up the wall at times.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Thanks very much for responding. Most appreciated.

Mobility wise I’m not too bad to be honest. I can’t walk in a straight line - at all, so I do try and avoid the kerb but otherwise I don’t have too much difficulty in getting about. I probably tire sooner than I would expect. I’m not in anywhere near as good shape as I used to be (I use dto lift weights up to 6 days a week) but I’d certainly expect more stamina for my current fitness level. Late afternoon and evening seems to be the most “draining” times of day if that makes any sense?

I’ll get in touch with my GP regarding speeding up a referral but I’m beginning to wonder whether he thinks I’m a bit tapped in the head. We’ve explored various possibilities before (including stress, anxiety, thyroid dysfunction and evenn touched upon simple partial seizures) but it’s very difficult for me to get my point across in a sub 10-minute appointment. Being adult ADHD makes it difficult enough to get my point across but with these other neurological “barriers” presenting themselves it makes it twice as difficult. In all honesty I do find it very frustrating - I’m a programmer by trade and I like to consider myself a reasonably intelligent, eloquent person but I feel that I’m starting to pale in comparison to my former self and it’s really quite disheartening.

I think I’ll try and compose a letter and send that in prior to arranging my next appointment. I do hope that I can be seen before December as I think it’s certainly far too long to wait for such issues.

I’m now at a point wherein I would neither relish nor welcome a diagnosis in particular but perhaps I would find some solace in finally having an answer, in that I would be able to temper my career/life expectations accordingly. That’s not to say giving up on my hopes and dreams by any stretch of the imagination, rather aspiring to something more realistic given my biology.

Have you had many colds bugs ect as ms is from an overactive immune system and body attacking its self.You should get the floaters checked as may be sign something going on.That was how husbands uveitis started had immune checked and found immune system was over active this was long before ms appeared. xx julie

Hi Julie,

Thanks for replying. I’ve not had that many bugs this year to be honest (which is unusual for me) but the ones I have had have hit me really hard. My partner would get the snuffles and I’d end up sparked out in bed. I also had a throat and sinus infection I couldn’t shift for almost the whole of March. Not fun!

I do have an eye appointment at the local hospital in a couple of weeks as I do have a degenerative corneal condition, though the eyesight issues I’ve mentioned previously are unrelated to that specific problem