Some form of attack?

Hello - newbie here. Awaiting LP results but had an awful attack (only way to describe) last night lasting 70 odd minutes.

I had a fuzzy presurised feeling of a headache in afternoon, once i picked kids up from school I changed into PJ’s and lay on couch. Sudden onset of numbness in feet and face and jaw. Awful sensation/taste in the mouth. It was extremely frightening and if my kids hadn’t been in I really would have phoned an ambulance. I didnt know what the hell was happening to me :frowning:

Duty doctor phoned 2 hours after this episode of whatever and by this time i felt okay (except fuzzy head).

Has anyone else experienced anything like this before ?

Hello Buttercup

I’m sorry, I’ve got no experience to offer you, I just didn’t want your post to go unnoticed.

Usually an MS relapse lasts for 24 hours or more, so it doesn’t sound like a straightforward MS thing.


hi buttercup make sure that it gets on your medical records, your gp can do this. it sounds like a new symptom rather than a relapse. carole x

Thank you so much for replying x hopefully that duty doctor updated my notes. Phoned to chase up LP results but guess what, consultant and his secretary off on annual leave. Boooo

Buttercup. Did you put the heating on & snuggle under something warm ? It’s what I do when I feel rubbish! Then I get weird & wonderful wirerd stuff going on that just when I am getting really worried go away. I have concluded, I could be wrong that it’s due to getting too warm.