Some advice please

Hi everyone

Just after some advice, since yesterday my right leg has been hurting with my groin hurting as well. Finding it hard to walk also.

My husband said it might be another relapse, but i dont know.

Had to go to the hospital today for my eyes so had to use my wheelchair.

Karen xxx

Hi Karen,

Bit early to tell. It might be a relapse, but by definition, a relapse has to last more than 24 hours. It must also not be accounted for by anything else - e.g. is it possible you have an infection (cold or water infection), or have simply strained your groin somehow?

I find that because my muscles are weak, I’m prone to quite a lot of injuries - which are not relapses in themselves.



Hi Tina

Thats something else my husband said just like you that i might have strained my groin in bed, will see how it goes.

Thank you.