Some advice needed and well done Wales. :)


I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me please. I am getting bad Dystonia. I get this in my neck and it is very annoying as well as quite embarassing. I am taking Rebif and I don’t want to take anymore oral medication. I was wondering if anyone had this and if there was anything that made it better. I was thinking of asking for bottox. Has anyone tried this? I have tried stretching exercises which have eased the pain but I feel the problem has actaully got worse. I’m having to put my hand on my chin, in public, to stop it from happening. I have had it before and it has gone away.

Another thing, I have been taking Rebif for four weeks now. I have had side-effects with it but they seem to be receding. I did have balance problems a few months ago.In the last week it seems to have come back. I have read that Rebif can cause this. Has anyone else had this problem? Very annoying, as I felt great just before I went on Rebif.



p.s. Great game by Wales yesterday. :)))

Hello Adrian,

Like you I take Rebif, but for some strange reason I don’t and never have had any side effects at all, so I can’t comment on these, but I just had to agree with you that Wales played FAR better than England!! Italy deserved to beat them too!!

Best wishes (but of no use in the Rebif advice)


Sorry, Adrian, can’t help either but Go on Wales !! The boyo’s done good !! Xx

Thanks. If anyone does have any advice on the Dystonia i would really appreciate it.

It was a very good game indeed. : )

I would have thought that the best person to help you without meds is a neurophysio. Your GP or MS nurse can refer you.

Some people have said on here that magnesium helps with spasms - perhaps it would help you with this? But that’s an oral med I guess :frowning:

Karen x