Sod's Law?

Hi gang, Isn’t it Sod’s Law that says everything that can go wrong, will go wrong?

Here’s a list of things that have gone wrong over the past week for me:

  1. Trouble with my shower. 2 men on 2 different days… both said the same thing… needs replacing and someone would phone me with appointment ‘soon’… that strange day called ‘soon’ has not happened yet.

  2. Mobile phone stopped sending or receiving texts. I have had several phone conversations with phone provider… one took a whole hour and now they are sending new sim card in hope of correcting the problem.

  3. My main email went down for about 24 hours. In my haste to fix it I deleted the email provider from my ipad and took me forever to set it up again.

  4. Another old email address that I use for some shopping sites suddenly decided that I had 1,116 emails unopened! That’s probably every email I’ve ever had on that address.

  5. Unrelated to all the above, I ran over my own toes with my mobility scooter… little toe is swollen and black but strangely doesn’t hurt at all.

I think that’s the lot but it’s possible I’ve forgotten something.

Hope everyone has had a luckier week than me… and are enjoying a nice Sunday evening.

Love to all,

Pat xx

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Goodness Pat,

What an awful awful week, sending you a big hug and really hoping that next week is wonderful for you!

love Nina xx

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Oh Pat, you must have had your share, that should be the end of it, hope so for your sake.

Hope this week is better.

Pam x

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Sounds like a proper bummer of a week I can tell you’re still smiling though.

I firmly believe for every bad thing there is a good thing so I hereby decree you will have five nice things coming your way

I put my Christmas tree up today, I usually do it no earlier than the 1st Dec but as it’s the 1st tomorrow I thought I could get away with it. For a couple of years now i have only used berries and acorns as my tree decorations, I have some small parcel decs (I use on a small optic fibre tree I also put out every year) so in your honour and to wish you luck I am putting a parcel on my tree just for you.

Merry Christmas everyone

Jan x

PS I’ll put another one on for everyone out there in MS land x

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Ah thank you Jan… that’s lovely of you.

Pat xx

hello pat
soo sorry to hear of your bad luck
let me tell u of mine
on tuesday i went to a day therepy at our local hospice as something my physio recommended
was brilliant met lovely people had lunch accompanied with a g n t had reflexology got taken home in my wheelchair
felt very happy
tried to get on my stairlift chair got halfway up stairs when stairlift stopped
i attempted to get up and ended up falling down 13 stairs bashing my head on the front door with two hungry cats staring at me probably thinking shes gonna b a while getting up no food for us for a while
after 20 minutes crying and laughing i scrambled up and ended up sitting at the bottom of the stairs until my hubby came home
why oh why is it that we seem to be punished for having a good day


Gosh Lozzie 13 stairs you will be black and blue! Good that you can still laugh through the tears, I’m very impressed I think I’d still be crying now

Hope you are ok and still smiling.

Jan x

Awwwww Lozzie that was bad luck!!!

I think that would have done me in. Like Jan I’d still be crying now.

Cats are adorable but one has to say they are not always the most sympathetic of animals… esp when hungry!

Hoping your hubby is giving you lots of TLC.


Pat xx

Hi Lozzie,

That was awful for you, great that you can smile through it though! Hope you’re feeling much better now.


Nina x

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Hi LOzzie

Oh that’s awful, hope you feel better now, and you got plenty of pampering.

Take care

Pam x

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Ooh blimey! Hope you two are both OK now. It gives me a bit of a shiver reading Lozzie’s account; it’s coming up for the first anniversary of when I messed up the transfer at the top of our stairs and ended up in hospital for 9 weeks. Didn’t fall downstairs or anything drastic, just had a low blood pressure black out, and it was while I was in hospital that the neuros finally got to grips with me and sorted my PPMS dx. Then about 6-7 weeks rehab physio before the OT’s would let me back home.

Hope you have had a better week, Pat.

Kev x

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