So - you all better and fixed now?

Oh the joy of that particular question.

My departmental boss has asked me this question on 4 separate occasions now - thinks to self - is he deliberately trying to annoy me, or is he just dense?

Personally - I have been open with my employers, fellow employees, previous fellow fitness instructors and TKD instructors and fellow TKD practioners - so far, the TKD brigade are the only ones to grasp that if my weird symptoms are MS (still waiting on dx) they are not going away any time soon.

Some people are obviously better at listening than others.

Mini-Rant over.

Rant all you wan’t Theresa …& yes, your boss IS dense, poor man

Rosina x

Some folk just will NEVER get it…best avoid the subject if poss hun!


Thanks - I shall have to resist the urge to tell him I’ve been diagnosed with Andorian Shingles next time he asks