So valuable

I have found this forum so helpful. I just wanted to say a big Thankyou to those who post, both those who are brave and share their fears and those who give heart felt advice. Just a reminder to those special people that for every person who posts, lots read & it helps. Ok, I am generalising, for me, if I feel I can add anything, I do, but sometimes, just reading things somehow makes it easier. I should have put the title as thank you. But when I started this post I wasn’t sure what it was I wanted to say. But do you know what. On here I can just be me and say what I want to say. Opps nearly used an iPad smileys .


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I know what you mean about posting when you have something to contribute, and finding that just reading posts can be helpful. I’m the same, although I admit that for years I only visited the site for advice. Nowadays I’m more likely to offer help than I was a few years ago.

And I also know what you mean about the iPad smileys. I have the same problem with Android smileys. There are so many that I’d like to use, but the site doesn’t like them.

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Glad you feel this way Sarah, I agree entirely !!

I am convinced that many on here could write a bloody good book!

This forum has made me cry, smile and laugh out loud and make friends that you just don’t find everyday

keep reading and contributing will be looking out for you x

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As someone who most often gives advice rather than seeks it, I accept your thanks on behalf of all those who spend time giving other people help.

And as a person who still asks for help and advice when I need it, I join you in thanking everyone who helps.


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Well said Sarah,

You can ask any question that only people on this forum with experience can answer.

Jen xx

Aw shucks… we’re all in this very wobbly boat together!

And it’s my favourite pastime!

Much love pollsx