So sweet - flowers and apology from HAH

About three months ago I had a really horrible time with Healthcare at Home. I posted about it at length - basically they told me they would deliver Fampyra on two different days and didn’t manage to get it on the delivery van on either day. They couriered it to me in the end. I changed to getting it from Bupa Homecare and that was the end of that (they were meant to be sending me something to make a complaint but they never did and I gave up trying to ring them about it - anyone who’s tried to call them will know why).

Anyway, yesterday I got flowers from them, with a card saying ‘With apologies from Healthcare at Home’. Isn’t that sweet? Of course I shan’t be going back to them. But I wondered if anyone else has had flowers and an apology for their abysmal service?

enjoy the flowers!

carole x

Really?! Wow, I’m gob smacked. Nope, I’ve never had flowers oR anything for their mess ups, they blame the hospital every time …hmmm :slight_smile: I think they should have sent you choccies too :wink:

I found there was a letter too, which came a few days before the flowers (I’m a tad disorganised about opening my post, so only got to it last night). It ‘explained’ why their service had been so poor: ‘an unexplected surge in deliveries’. Not a particularly satisfactory explanation in my mind. For everyone who’s had sh*t service from them - make a complaint! You might get some flowers.

HAH’s reputation needs some urgent first aid after the kicking they have had in the Press recently, and it sounds as though they are now hosing money at the problem. Good luck to them. Good reputations are much easier to lose than they are to rebuild.

Enjoy your flowers!