So Scared, is this MS

Hey all,

Thankful for this forum, and just wondering if any of the experienced guys here help with my Anxiety / if I should get a diagnosis.

Whilst reading this please keep in mind I have a baby on the way and that is the only thing stopping me from perusing a diagnosis, because I couldn’t take the stress of the bad news right now but I need to speak to someone.

It all started in 2014 when I was exposed to some pesticides and ever since I have had hell.

Symptoms -

  1. Painless muscle twitches throughout whole body, felt internally as well- (Made worse by anxiety )

  2. Pain in testicles and groin area

  3. Slight muscle pains and cramps in leg muscles mainly.

Saw neurologist, complete physical exam along with blood test. Symptoms subsided eventually , that was that and I forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2018, the twitches never subsided I was still getting them throughout my body. (They are very annoying )

  1. Muscle twitches

  2. Burning to urinate

  3. Erectile dysfunction

  4. Burning after urination

  5. Numbness of the Urethra

  6. Loss of libido

  7. Constipation

  8. Skin burning sensations

  9. Note I have always suffered with headaches as a child. Tingling on left side of face along with light sensitivity, and vision in eyes effected. I remember my first bout of this when I was around 12-13 years old.

  10. I took Ciprofloxacin as the urologist thought my symptoms were due to Prostatitis. days after finishing this course of antibiotics and I had another one of these migraines which I had not had for years. I went to A&E MRI was clear and within few days I was back to normal.

Today 2019:

muscle twitching and Erectile dysfunction, skin irritations i.e. burning, burning after bowel movements, slower urine stream and on and off burning at tip of penis.

Has anyone experienced all this as part of MS. Something is certainly up with my central nervous system.

Thanks for all your help in advanced.


What you need to know about MS is that there are many, many symptoms, and of these symptoms, many are shared with other diagnoses. So it’s impossible to list symptoms and decide whether that equals MS or not.

If you’ve had a recent brain MRI that was clear then it’s not likely to be MS (unless the MRI wasn’t of the brain), although there is a small chance of a clear brain MRI and MS.

You certainly have got a lot of symptoms, and having them checked out is only sensible. So perhaps the best plan is to see your GP, explain clearly (as you’ve done in your post) what symptoms you have and ask for referral to a neurologist, since seeing the urologist didn’t help with all your symptoms.

Best of luck.



the symptoms you’ve listed don’t sound like MS to me, although very worrying for you.

Good about the clear MRI.

I’d say the best thing to do is talk to your GP & maybe get referred to a Neuro…pretty much the same that Sue has said.

Best of luck,