so many symptoms but vague


ok firstly it’s full moon so I might just be jumping to conclusions

I seem to have stumbled upon this set of symptoms and I feel like they might match

I firstly have had vague symptoms for years actually

some loss of balance occasionally and some muscle jerks, diaphragm, arms, just jerks, jaw pain on chewing quite frequently, lots of phases of stiffness especially this year on waking (I’m 38)

also vocally some tics, like an occasional Tourette type moment where I might slip in an accidental sound or word into a sentence involuntarilly

I have had some recent this year urinary hesitation and urgency, constipation as usual but some unexpected diarrhoea a couple of times

it’s important to say these are pretty long term and slight things but there’s more

recently forgetfulness - awake half the night and waking up standing up having eaten a waffle, or turned on the gas fire and fallen back to sleep on the floor cross legged with my head on my hands - this sort of thing is not frequent but recent

recently also frequently shuddering backwards and forwards with my eyes for just a few seconds at a time

if you can please respond if you know a lot about MS

if this sounds very typical or not

the only time anything severe happened was this summer, I came out of the sea after 10 mins and my whole body seized up and I could hardlymove everything was slow motion and I had to force myself up the beach

the only rational thing that I know causes that is hypothermia but I was not in the water lomy

the opposite also happened this year, feeling warm in Norway this year in winter , but that could be just being on holiday

I know there is more I just have to come back to the thread when I remember anything

concerned especially over the weekend

Hya and welcome to the site

There are so many different things that can be causing these symptoms… some as simple as vitamin deficiency that can be easily treated and detected in a blood test. Impossible to say if it’s MS but I certainly wouldn’t jump to that conclusion when there are literally hundreds of things that can be causing them.

Make a list and go along to your GP.

And I would also advise you not to google symptoms… Dr. Google is very unreliable!

Take care and hope you get some answers soon,

Pat x

Hi GT and welcome to the site.

Yes, there`s a lot of unexplained stuff going on there.

Have you seen a GP or neuro about it yet?

If not, then that`s your first port of call.

A GP should listen, ask questions and if he/she thinks it could be neurological, will refer you to a neuro.

Sorry, dunno why my reply sent itself, before I was finished.

Anyway, good luck with getting your problems investigated.

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Hi greentigress,

TBH this doesn’t sound like MS. It just sounds like the normal weird things human bodies do from time to time. Everybody has times when their eyes will twtich or we wake up stiff or a wrong word ends up in a sentence. With MS symptoms tend not to be so brief and transient.

If I were you I’d stop googling, make an appointment with your GP and show him what you have writen here and be prepared to hear that you may be suffering from another condition called anxiety disorder. This is just as genuine and deserving of treatment as MS so don’t be offended if this is what you are told. If he does find any clinical signs of a neurological disorder he will be able to refer you to a neurologist for further invsetigation though.

All the best,