So many questions


We all have so many questions and i suppose its because we have so many different (not normal) things happening…

I have been feeling good until i went on a day out with the family after walking some distance at my own pace i paid the price for at least two days after where i had pins and needles in my feet my legs felt numb and every time i get up to walk around its like a banding in my stomach nothing i havent already had before however when i go to bed and lie down where the tight band feeling has been around my torsso it feels itchy like something crawling on my skin but this only happens when trying to sleep, very starnge but does anyone else ever have this? or am i going mad ?

I have written it down as i have my appointment with the neuro next Friday



I too have had the banding problems over the years and my symptoms got worse at night. It is usually just the heat of being in bed! Symptoms will always feel worse when you are hot. The itching is normal too. I used to wake up with scratches all over me as I was doing it in my sleep. I always found that being awake in bed makes your mind race and symptoms get worse because of that. I can honestly say you are not going mad!


Hi Mandyj

Thank you for replying. I see from the posts that you have not had an easy time but are remaining to stay positive . Hope things get easier for you

Mandy x

I can sympathise with the itchiness in bed, when hot, and sometime randomly, i can scratch myself to bits before i can settle, i itch every where! (((hugs)))