So I don't tick all the boxes .....

I still have the neuro symptoms and the best I have got so far is that I may have a functional neurological problem, so today I was told that I have lymphoma .

hi grandma

have you been offered any treatment for lymphoma?

this, to my mind, is the priority.

leave the neuro symptoms for later.

take good care of yourself

love carole x

Hi Carole.

I only got the preliminary diagnosis at lunchtime today. I see the oncologist on Wednesday. I don’t even know what type of lymphoma I have yet x

Hi Grandma I am sorry to hear your recent diagnosis and hope your Wednesday appointment answers any questions you have. I was wondering why you had disappeared from the forum. Please take care and let us know how you get on. Thinking of you. Sue x

Thank you Sue x

go grandma!

you can beat this.

believe! xxx

Thanks Carole. Going to give it my best !! x

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So I have been diagnosed with stage 4 high grade Non Hodgkins lymphoma

I start chemotherapy on 24th

Oh Grandma I am sorry to hear your diagnosis. Just to say I will be thinking about you and please keep us all updated. I hope you do not find the chemotherapy too unpleasant and I am sending positive vibes and hugs. Sue xx

Thank you Sue.

I won’t be around for a while. Have to have other tests - bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture, PET scan…

For my first round of chemo I have to be admitted to hospital, so a lot going on.

Please take care of yourself to and thanks for your good wishes

Grandma x

waves of love and positive vibes being sent to you. will be thinking of you. xxxx

I thought I would look in and give you an update. I am now halfway through my treatment. Yesterday I had a lumbar puncture and chemotherapy was injected into my spine. Onwards and upwards x

That sounds like a tough treatment. I am glad that you are now half way through and hope that the rest goes OK. Thank you for updating us.


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Hi Grandma it is great to hear from you with an update. I am sorry you are having such a tough time and hope the treatment will finish soon. I hope you have been well enough to do a little knitting or reading to help pass the time. Take care Sue x

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Hi Grandma,

i have only just picked up this thread. Your wisdom and support have been missed. i really hope that your treatment is not too horrid. wishing you all the very best and hope to hear some good news soon


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Thank you for your kind words and good wishes. I have been doing fairly well. I can’t complain. The staff at oncology and haematology are absolutely wonderful and I am being well looked after. I so far haven’t lost all my hair and have had little sickness but the nausea, tiredness and weakness is a bit hard to get used to. Last Friday was my 2nd attempt at a lumbar puncture and this one worked and the Dr was able to inject chemotherapy into my spine. Unfortunately I am suffering from the post LP headache and after a period in A&E I am home and under instructions to lay flat for a few days. That’s enough about me - how are you all? I don’t spend much time online due to sleeping a lot but will try and catch up with the posts. Hoping you are all as well as possible. Oh, did I tell you we now have a new great grandaughter?

congratulations Grandma!

you really live up to your user name!

can’t say that i do because we have no cats in our house now. george had to be put to sleep and she was the last one out of 4 we had together.

this baby will bless you with distraction during your tough time.

take good care of yourself and it’s so good to hear you praising the hospital staff.

carole xxx

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Hello all.

I’very been wondering how you all are?

A quick update - I have come through the chemotherapy . I needed 2 different types and one type required admission to hospital each time. The other, the RChopp I had as an outpatient. The medics seem to be pleased with my progress and I am soon to start 15 sessions of radiotherapy. Onwards and upwards.

Best wishes to you all

Grandma xx

great to hear from you.

Good progress is to be applauded


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Thanks Mick