So for now I am going to make like an ostrich

Hi again.

Ok. Having been pressured by a friend and receiving (quite frankly) awesome advice from here ;), I have been to see the doc and I have a referral to Neurology.

Without wishing to bore, I will run over the symptoms briefly…

18 months ago - suspected ON - all cleared up (MRI fine) but still have symptoms when I am hot

Early 2012 - suspected TIA (talking gobbledegook!)

Early 2012 - Intense itching that lasted for weeks but stopped as suddenly as it came

Oct 2012 - Fatigue - oh my word, can’t belive how kn*ckered I was! - pretty much all gone now

Oct 2012 - Periods of breathlessness and pain in back sometimes requiring trip to A&E - none since Dec

Oct 2012 - Palpitations - no obvious reasons - mostly fine now.

Present for many months - pain in my forehead when I touch it - doesn’t hurt when I don’t.

So, to cut a long story short, the doc doesn’t think there is much to worry about but has referred me because of the problems with my eye being troublesome when I am hot and the facial pain. The rest are not neuralgic symptoms apparently . So basically as my title suggests, I am just going to stick my head in the sand and ignore it all until I get the Neruo appt (have no idea how long that will take!!). As I feel mostly completely fine, (I actually feel like quite a bit of a fraud), this should be quite easy to do. If it is ok with you fine people, I will come and bother you when I have the appt date for details on what to do/say!



Good for you for making things happen :slight_smile:

Let the neuro decide what symptoms are neurological or not - most GP’s haven’t much of a clue tbh!

Nothing wrong with playing ostrich if all is fine. I do it too :slight_smile:

Karen x

Quite right, and good for you.

You are not being an ostrich. An ostrich would not have gone to the GP (but might well have been losing sleep worrying). Flagging things up to the experts and then parking it and getting on with your life is being a sensible, well-balanced person! - no ostrich-like tendencies there.