So Cross With Myself!

A few weeks ago I took my husband to his annual consultantant appointment (he can no longer drive). I could not get a parking space so I dropped him at the door and continued to look for a space. He ended up going in by himself. This was a major, major mistake.

Today have a letter from the consultant to the GP changing his meds. He has already found that by dropping Nortriptyline as suggested has meant his blasting headaches are back. The letter also states that there has been no deterioration and his headaches are now well managed! They were better managed for a while, but things have slipped back. He has been in contact with the MS nurse over his severe headaches in the past month. I dont see how the consultant can have come to that conclusion, and I am infuriated. The letter also says that he is to stop Stemitil, but he has tried to stop this himself on a couple of occasions but his problems with balance get worse.

So here we go again, another uphill slog trying to get him back to where things were. The problem is he does have cognitive issues, which are getting worse. Needless to say the letter says his condition remains unchanged.

Nextime we go in together or he will miss the appointment.

Exasperated and ticked off.

Exassperating indeed! trying to get docs to see what we see is damned near impossible sometimes.

I understand your anger and frustration.

Its like THEY just dont listen and want us out of their office asap!

luv Polllx

With the doctors judging that way, it can really tick you off. I hope that not all doctors are like that because I will be switching to another if they treat me that way. I hope your husband will get well.