Snoring and earplugs

A bit of a weird one. But just wondered if anyone can help. I have worn earplugs for a number of years, because of a walrus sleeping next to me. Over the last couple of months they make me feel dizzy and as if I’m falling, take them out and I am fine.

any ideas?

Hi Bill,

The balance organs are in the ears, so I don’t think it’s just random coincidence, or something you’re imagining. Ear infections sometimes cause problems with balance.

But I’m less sure whether it has anything to do with MS. Obviously, you should not normally get dizzy just from using earplugs, or they wouldn’t be marketed as safe. Perhaps you should ask your GP to check your ears, just in case there’s anything untoward, such as an infection you’re unaware of?

Yes, MS can mess with balance, of course - it’s something many of us are aware of. But as it’s only when you use the earplugs, I wonder if it’s something much more straightforward?


Thanks for the reply, didn’t even give an infection a thought, just something to do with MS. Will definitely get it checked out.

kind regards