Snap crack and pop

Don't know if it's the cold weather but my stiffness and pain have flared up again :-( Has anyone else experienced this.

I forced myself to go belly dancing hoping that stretching and exercising might make me feel better yesterday but am regretting it now. I woke up last night with a horrible cramp/spasm in my leg and muscles in leg and back feel all bunched up and tight this morning. Every movement I make I can hear something go snap, crack or pop.

Can't wait to get home from work - I want a duvet day!



I am feeling pretty crappy today too. Two days ago I decided that as I was having a reasonably good day, I would clear out my bedroom and have a general tidy up as not felt well now for over 12 weeks. Boy did I suffer yesterday. Every step hurt, my eyesight was shocking, and the back spasms came back. So today, I am having a day where I do as little as I can get away with. Hope you feel better soon. I am signed off work so every day can be a duvet day so I feel for you Reemz xx

I know completely what you mean about overdoing it. My body goes bezerk so I know straight away I've overexerted myself.

Time isn't half dragging - I just can't get comfy in my chair. I look like I've got ants in my pants I'm wriggling around so much and even when I do find a comfy position it doesn't last long.Thankfully friday is my quieter day and I can usually go home a bit early.

I think a relaxing weekend is in order.