Hi and good morning, just trying to think back to when my symptoms may have started. Does anyone have a problem with smelling smells that are not really there? We used to have rabbits and for almost a year I could smell (randomly, even when on holiday) the smell of cleaning out the rabbit run. -just a thought, Best wishes Grannysue

Hi Grannysue

Before my first ever symptoms, I used to smell burning in the middle of the night and often used to get out of bed to see if anything was on fire. It used to smell just like a bonfire and I used to poke my head out of the window too to see if any neighbours were having a sneaky bonfire at 11.00pm!!

Hence, my first thoughts when I had the slurred speech and droopy mouth were ‘oh crikey, brain tumour’. Thank goodness I was wrong. I haven’t had it since though. Very odd.

Tracey x