Small Tape Recorder

Hi All,

Has anybody tried using this to tape there intervew,as it makes it easyier to remember things that people have said.[for me anyway]

I have asked to do this twice,for the council,they said yes in the end,but where not happy about it.

Thinking more about Esa and Pip interview,as that way you have a record of the meeting.

Not got a date yet for my face to face interview but i will be taking mine to record the meeting.

Any one else tried this,and what was the outcome.

Take Care All,


Well not had cause to use one recently, I had one to tape lectures (no problems) however I found that car salesman weren’t too keen,which gave a good indication of which one to buy from, that was a very interesting exercise!

I have a digital machine (cost around £30). I find it extrememly useful as I forget things I’ve heard at meetings.

Wendy x

I used to use a small digital (Olympus, still have it), and have a small tape machine in a drawer somewhere.
Like maude, I think that you should ask before recording (it might even be a legal requirement), but it is similar to taking a witness along with you.

If they have nothing to hide, then they should not object.


I think it’s a very good idea indeed.

How many times do walk away from any meeting or consultation and forget one or two details.