Slowly boiling a frog

In today’s newspaper is an obituary for Betty Cuthbert, an Australian sprinter who won 3 gold medals at the 1956 Olympics (for the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m, a feat unmatched since). She was diagnosed with MS in 1974 after 5 years of symptoms. So lived with it for nearly 50 years. A wheelchair user since 1991 she was a champion for people with MS.

She described MS as being like ‘a frog who has been thrown into a pot of cold water the someone turned on the gas, boiling slowly without realising it’.

She died on 6th August at the age of 79.

Clearly a woman of great strength and character.


ah, thanks for posting this.

RIP Betty.


RIP Betty !

Im ashamed to say I didn’t know the name but now I do and her story I will raise my next glass to this inspirational lady !

Here’s hoping she’s up there and running again x

Poor frog.


A classic example of Brain Frog.

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brian frog

Fried broth.

frian brog

Fried bog.

anyone else want to chip in?

fried brain and chips


frog & chips sounds ok… I like chips

An interesting sounding lady & great athlete.

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I think the frog showed great strength of character.