Slight. Delay

Hi Wonder if you can help 14 weeks into the relapse now and gradually symptons are disappearing ( Hooray ) one think I have is when I move my head to look at anything , there seems a slight delay for my focus & brain to catch up, Anydody experience this and did it improve ? Thanks Hope your all well on this cooler evening

i get this,mine started with a relaspe that affected my brain stem,it got better to the point,that i still get it,but not as often.

jaki xx

Don’t suppose this is relevant, but I had something similar once, when withdrawing from antidepressants. The “discontinuation reaction” (which manufacturers insist is NOT the same as “withrawal”) can produce weird symptoms!



Thanks for replies … Greatly Appreciated Just hope it goes really bringing me down , defiantly the worst sympton left Gray