sleeping all the time

hi all,

for the last three days i have slept for about 20 hours a day, today i have managed to stay awake a little longer. the pain in my legs has been perticually bad, with them feeling very weak. i do not have a dx, and i was wondering if this is “normal”. i do suffer fatigue and take modifinil which usually works quiet well but i have slept while taking them and even the pain could not keep me awake.

hubby has been brilliant as usual keeping me fed and watered!

lorraine x

It’s possible to have relapses that are purely fatigue which even modafinil hasn’t a hope against. Could be another explanation though so probably best to see your GP.

I hope it gets better soon. Fatigue like that seriously sucks :frowning:

Karen x

Hi red rain, I too have experienced extreme tirredness and have been sleeping for 15 hours at a time, but also suffer with very disturbed nights as well where I may only get a couple of hours sleep due to twitching/spasms in my legs and tnitus. Also i am not yet dx. My GP has put on a mild sleeping tablet for the bad nights and has recommended i don’t “fight” the tiredness at the moment as its my body’s way of telling me I need to rest. I find my other symptoms (pain/pins and needles, blurred vision, dropped foot and swallowing problems) are much worse when i’m feeling exhausted, so when i can get long periods of sleep i find it helps. Hope you get some answers soon x


thanks for replying, i have woken up today! i managed to go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine but it is still an early night for me.

i have never before experienced fatigue like that before, staying in bed sleeping all day is not me, even when im really poorly. my gp wants some blood tests done just in case something else has reared its ugly head. fingers crossed!!!