Sleep patterns


Please note the time.

I think I’m into one of my “no sleep” phases.

The trouble is; I like sitting here late at night with the sound of the fridge.

It’s not wasted time. I worked out that Tesco’s frozen sliced peppers are cheaper than the whole peppers. No brainer. Let us fill the freezer.

The cleaner’s coming at half-nine and friends coming in the afternoon along with a Tesco order.

Let me crawl to the pit and dream of flying.


I think sliced onions are great. Even better than sliced bread!

Sleep, what’s that? I just took my headphones off & had 3 missed calls. Terry’s taxi service was busy. One can’t delegate ones time, like one used to. Take care out there Steve & set them reminder alarms. It must look like a disco outside. I’ve got my UV light & strobing disco balls in action. My new analogue drum machine is getting a few tweaks. The reverb & decay are a blast. Ultravox Vienna! This means nothing to me. Terry is in the zone. Wake up Steve & have a coffee.

Thanks for the peppers tip, we have bought the frozen diced onions and they’re very handy so peppers sound good too.

Rob also now slices and freezes lemon and lime in freezer bags, perfect alongside ice in your G&T I’m thinking I need to ask him to have a crack at orange pieces too.

Sonia x

informative thread!