Sleep Cycle

I have an app on my I-phone (one of many, but this is a useful one!) that monitors my sleeping pattern as I thought it would be interesting to see if I could learn something about my fatigue.

Some nights I seem to have barely any REM sleep; I seem to have about 5 hours solid of NREM ie deep sleep. I have often joked to my son that it feels more like I go into a coma at night and that is why it is so hard to wake up. In fact a couple of years ago I bought a ‘sunrise’ alarm clock which makes getting up a bit easier. This is easy to track on the app as it shows that in that last half hour I do gradually come to a lighter sleep. I guess this is why I rarely dream any more either.

I feel much better today and it’s no surprise to see that last night the graph shows that I had a much better sleep cycle with periods of deep sleep interspersed with REM sleep. It makes such a difference; I woke this morning feeling reasonable refreshed especially after the shower surprised me by going cold right in the middle!! (I have phoned the landlord and he will come to have a look at it later ).

I just found this quite interesting and I think it makes a difference to my fatigue levels but I am not sure why. Are there any experts out there on sleep who can shed any more light on this? Why does it make such a difference that I have can have two nights of 7-8 hours sleep but at such varying quality that I wake feeling so ghastly one day and so refreshed another day? In other words why is the REM sleep so important?

Tracey x

Need my laptop to answer some of the sleep questions and I’m on my phone so hopefully someone else will do that bit. I did want to know how a phone app can monitor sleep stages though? Do you attach something to it and you? Karen x

You place it face down on the mattress close to you and it monitors your movements during the night. Fairly basic as it doesn’t monitor brain function but obviously during REM sleep you move about a bit more I believe. Obviously the phone has to be on charge all night too but so far it hasn’t blown up on me! You also have to tell it what type of mattress you have as that makes a difference too.

Tracey x

That is very interesting T,and may lead to something for peeps on here,and with Karen on the case I’d put money on it. BRAVO.

Just to lower the tone I will say that you should get the Landlord to have a look at the shower as well.As for mattress type I think mine is from Argos.

S xx


I downloaded this app in January when I was dreaming lots, tossing and turning, getting fed up, and it felt like I wasn’t getting any proper sleep. The app pretty much confirmed it!

I feel like I’ve been sleeping a lot better lately, but completly forgot about the app, so will see if I’m right tonight

Thanks for reminding me!

Just search for apps to do with sleeping and choose the one you like the look of best. I chose a free one at first but it didn’t tell me very much so I paid about £1.70 for this one and it produces a little graph in the morning which shows how much I have moved about in the night. It is called Sleep Cycle and one of them(can’t remember if it was the free one or the paid one) kept offering me an add on which does something else to properly monitor sleep but I think you do have to be connected to something for that so I haven’t bothered. I toss and turn too much for that!

I think the theory is that you fidget during REM sleep but not during deep sleep. Of course there is no scientific evidence that the lighter sleep is the REM sleep, it’s just an app on the phone which is, of course, mostly guess work but it certainly ties in with my fatigue levels the next day.

Sometimes I am aware that I have tossed and turned all night due to pain and the app confirms that the next morning. Those are the days that I wake up feeling like a zombie.

Wb - you are naughty! Yes the landlord is coming to look at the shower on Monday. My mattress is a big marshmallow aka memory foam. No wonder I would rather stay in bed all day …

T x