Skipping injection?

Further to my earlier post re betaferon and hives/urticaria - Just a thought, I feel quite rubbish still, and am nervous about taking the betaferon tonight in case I have developed an allergy to the betaferon? Can I skip tonight’s dose? Would it affect me by doing so. Should have mentioned to gp when I went earlier, she gave me three days steroids but we didn’t mention betaferon? Sorry, always feels more worrying at night. Best wishes, Sue x

I’ve missed the odd one from time to time over the years, hasn’t done any harm.

Hope this is better very soon.

Thank you val, I feel less stressed now I have made up my mind not to do tonight’s one. Will see how I am with the itching/rash/spots tomorrow and talk to the betaferon and ms nurses and see what they say. Best wishes Sue x Ps I can cope with having ms whilst I don’t have new symptoms ;-s