skinny leg

Hi, Just wondering does anyone have one leg thinner than the other? My left leg is marginally thinner at the bottom…the left leg is what I call my daft leg for obvious reasons and lately I’ve noticed a difference although ive probably not studied it much before! Is this loss of muscle tone? And is it possible to build it back up? Just wondered ? X

hi lisalou

it probably is muscle wastage. i should imagine that it is possible to build it back up but definitely not easy.

ask your physio for advice and good luck

carole x

Yes my right leg is much thinner than my left it was due to muscle wastage I’ve been lucky enough to go to the gym the last couple of years I’ve build all my muscles up and I’m stronger now than ever but my right leg isn’t as strongh and still looks a bit thinner to me anyway but the difference isn’t much its not easy but :frowning:

Thanks…I will try and build it up. It’s not massively thinner but I can tell when I look at it hard. I hope I can build it back up or at least the strength in it if not the size. Gosh give up my heel for lovely flats now have odd looking legs as well as being a short a**e. Is this muscle wastage why I walk funny after a while and my leg gets heavy and how does it happen as I am not unfit really…I only don’t go to yoga or the gym if I’m unwell or having a relapse which up till recently has not been often. Whilst in relapse I missed yoga and the gym for five weeks but then went back. Thanks

yes, lower left leg ‘thinner’ than lower right leg. Right thigh ‘thinner’ than left thigh. So it balance out??

If you’ve got one thinner then does that mean that the thinner will always be the weakest or not necessarily…shame this thinner thing doesn’t work on the baby flab :wink: x