Skin Discolouration Around Ankle

Hiya everyone

I’ve noticed the skin around my ankle has a bluish tinge to it. I used hydrocortisone cream in the exact area a couple of months ago to treat a horrible horsefly sting so wondering whether that is the cause but I have heard that MS can cause skin discolouration in the lower limbs.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this before I visit the GP.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

It’s probably coincidence, and I know it’s nothing at all to do with MS, but I’ve still got skin discolouration on my ankle from that road accident a year or two ago. Not only that, but it was occasionally weeping/seeping too.

Doc didn’t seem too worried - she thought the discolouration was from iron deposits in the skin following heavy bruising. I think she thought I was just being vain, so I explained I was more concerned about the weeping than the cosmetic effect. Hardly anyone ever sees my ankles anyway, as thanks to MS foot pain, trainers and lace-up walking boots are my last two wearable pairs of shoes - they can’t really be worn with anything but jeans.

So she said the skin may just be thinner and more permeable at that point, following trauma, and recommended I use moisturiser on it. I’ve been using bio oil, which is quite expensive, but she didn’t recommend a type, so I expect ordinary vaseline would have done just as well.

I’m only mentioning this, because I think hydrocortisone cream can thin the skin - so I wonder if it’s a skin-thinning issue, albeit with completely different causes to mine. Try paying it special attention with some moisturiser for a while, and see if it improves!



My ankles are discoloured too. A friend, who is a nurse told me it’s common in people with neurological conditions, but she didn’t explain why. I didn’t think to ask at the time!

Thanks Tina and Flowerpot,

I have got some Bio Oil so I will try that. I always wear ankle length skirts so I am not too worried. I googled it and MS did pop up. I have never heard of it before but it makes you wonder. Might mention it next time I see my neuro.

​I do wonder if it is down to the hydrocortisone cream as it is in exactly the same spot.

Thanks again for your replies. I really appreciate it.

Shazzie xx

Have you got a magical tortoise shazzie. It disappears and then pops back

I was using a steroid cream for a rash under my arms. Initially it looked a bit purple but fine now.


Naughty tortoise. He hasn’t disappeared for me. I best have a word with him.

Mine is like a purple colour. You can’t really see it though as my skirts are all long. Hopefully it won’t get any worse.

Thanks for your help Noreen.

Shazzie xx

It disappears when you reply to a post and then reappears again. The first post on a thread (the one that starts it) it disappears and stays disappeared (if that makes sense), don’t know why though, thats technical, don’t do technical!!!

Hope your ankle returns to normal colour soon Shazzie. I found once a strange colour on one of my knees, looked like a bruise but it wasn’t sore, turned out it was dye from my jeans, disappeared when I went in the bath, lol, I am blonde after all.!!

Shazzie’s turtle is looking down on your puddy cat #2

Puddytat likes turtles!!

i have discolouring just above my collarbone.

a purply blue and i’ve had it for about 5 years,

never mentioned it to a doctor.

it looks like an icky (love bite) but it absolutely is not!

carole x

Oh Carole. That is so funny. Best ask hubby if he has been sucking my foot. Lol!!!

I love my turtle. I don’t want it to disappear. Perhaps he is frightened of your cat Cherry and your rabbit Noreen. It is a rabbit Noreen??? Lol!!! My optic neuritis is playing up.

Shazzie xx