Hi everyone, me and the OH just bought a groupon for six nights skiing in Romania. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about skiing or if you had been to Romania? Suz xx

Hi Suzie,

I don’t know anything about sking or Romania,

I just want to wish you all the best and you have a great time,

I just cant deal with the cold I really stiffing up and get sore when it gets cold here anything below 3 degrees and it starts to affect my MS but a lot with MS cope better in the cold.

All the best Mark xx

No idea about Romania, but skiing can be very hard on beginners and best work on your fitness before going. Pay particular attention to your quads and all should be fine.

Oh, and don’t eat yellow snow.

Thanks lads! Muchas excited… I’m heading down the gym imminently, on top of my usual cycling :slight_smile: Suz xx

You are quite right to be excited, because skiing is enormous fun and the mountains are just spectacular. Don’t forget the sun tan lotion.