Ski slopes-a-looming

Hi all. I’m off skiing mid feb and starting to worry I’m going to be too tired to do it. Fatigue is really bad the now. On Fri I went to bed @ 11.30 pm and didn’t wake until 6 pm the following evening… Then I was back in bed at midnight and slept through til 11 am. I’m still tired now. Got up at 9am today. I’ve been struggling with my injections of late. Various viruses and courses of antibiotics over the last three months. I’m atempting a phased return to work, I’m struggling with that too. I’m looking for tips on how to manage fatigue. Just recently aswell I keep getting the feeling of being really hot and wanting to pass out but OH says I don’t have a temp as my forehead is cold. Heeeelllllpppppp please :slight_smile: Suz xx