Sjogrens Vs MS

I found this on the web today:

“A diagnosis of Sjögren syndrome myelopathy requires a high index of suspicion and should be considered predominantly in women over 45 years of age with progressive spastic paraparesis and abnormalities on spinal cord MRI, even with negative anti-extractable nuclear antigen antibodies (Ro/SS-A or La/SS-B) (Pericot et al 2003). The presence of autoantibodies against fodrin also helps in differentiating myelopathy in Sjögren syndrome from primary progressive multiple sclerosis (de Seze et al 2003). A positive test has 70% sensitivity, 86.7% specificity, 63.6% positive predictive value, and 89.6% negative predictive value (de Seze et al 2003).”

I have added more in the New Diagnosis forum

Moyna x

Thanks for the info Moyna. Way above my head but I did read your post on new dx board and easier to understand with the extra info.

A bit alarming that 20% of people dx with ppms could have the other syndrome instead… but of course that all depends on what study it was, where, who did it, how many in study… etc etc etc. One thing I’ve learned since having MS is to mistrust statistics!

Anyway thanks again and good luck in your search for a dx.

Pat x