hello i havenot put anything on here for a while , but i know it a good place to come for advise , today ive been25mg sinemet once a day , i was ok with that until i read the side affects! wow!!! has anyone got any feedback or had side affects ?? thanks in advance sue x


My dad takes ‘sinemet plus’ for Parkinsons.I know he is useing it for a different condition, and obviously everyone responds differently to medications. But he has been taking it for quite a while now, and he says he has not had any side effects other than occasional and very mild postural hypertension (dizzyness upon standing up). Like I say, I know everyone responds differently, but thought this might reassure you a bit x

thanks very much for your reply and it does help i do realise everyone is differnt , just worries what else im putting to my body , now (if one of the side affects make me lose weight and grow taller that would be differnt !!) ( thanks again ) sue

Hi Sue

My wife has been on Sinemet for around two years (for Parkinsons) and the only side effect we have noticed is the tendency fot her to drop off to sleep at random. When it happens in mid sentence it can be quite frightening to watch!

Ove this time, the dose has been increased a couple of times and then decreased slightly.

When you say “25 mg” I assume you mean 25mg/100mg (the tablets are a mix of two different dopamine varieties), in which case this is a fairly small dose (wife takes this 5 X daily).


Hi,Geoff, many thanks for replying , i feel less worried about takeing it now , and im glad to hear its a fairly low dose !x Sue x