HI IM PHIL . IM 45 GOT A.R.R.M.S HAD IT ALL MY LIFE , . WELL THATS WOT I BELIVE . … ANYWAY YOU HAVE GOT TO GRR . … 7 YEARS AGO I GOT IT big TIME . GOT OPTIC NURT IN BOTH EYES . I NEW WOT IT Was becauas i had it in one eye 3 years before ? O I WAS A NURSE AND MY AUNTEY HAD PASST AWWAY FROM MS MY DADS siss … anyway went blind in one eye .and just dark in the othre one for 2 yeares o shit. full stop … got put on lods of meds … but … my doc @ the time sed am puting you on simvastatin … i have nt got clolstorl but he had read something in 2006 …i have bin driveing now , lmao for MMMmm GOT TO HAVE MY TEST AGAIN IN ABOUT 4 WEEKS … had my lince back for just under 3 years 1!! … and now ms society are , just doing a oooooooooooooo just go and have a look x phil xx

Hi Phil

So the cholesterol meds worked then? I’m going through another bout of ON right now and my vision in my right eye which is permanently impaired is worse than ever. I read the story earlier tonight and was kean to know if it would help. Have you been on those meds for the last 3 years? And how long before you noticed a difference to your sight?

Sorry for all the questions but i’m very interested.

Paula xx

Ive also read about simvastin. Luckily (or not) Im taking it. I must say Ive had severe pain develop around my good eye which goes after a day. Im sure there is something in the fact that cholesterol lowering drugs do indeed help reduce the incidence of ON doing damage.

Keep taking it and let us know periodically if youve avoided any further damage.

Best wishes




I was on simvastatin before the MS showed itself. I had one massive bout of ON and for a while was totally blind in my L eye as well as hurpling about like a drunkard. A few times before the ON I had experienced what I now realise was initial ON pains so maybe having had high cholesterol was a good thing after all