simple solution

Hi all.

over the past 2 or 3 weeks, i`ve noticed a nagging dull ache down my left leg, when sitting in my recliner. it really was uncomfortable.

Then the reason/solution struck me…

it was being caused by my foot drop.

So i shoved a cushion by my knee, to stop the lower leg and foot pulling over to the side…hey presto! problem solved.

If only all our problems could be sorted so easily, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I love a post with the title “simple solution” !!! Xx

Poll it’s amazing how these things can be easily sorted once you know what’s causing it!

Before I got my recliner I would often have neck ache (pain in the neck LOL)… it was only after I got the recliner that I worked out it… it was because I had spent a lot of time lying on sofa and watching TV with my head turned to one side.

Yeah if only everything were as simple!

Pat x

Well in Poll.That’ll help you in the long run,and can you imagine the performance if ‘The Experts’ were involved.I applaud self-help,'cos in the long run we know what is best for ourselves,and as the ‘financial noose’ tightens people will realise they must work things out for themselves or wait for …


Wb x

Yes Wob, i could`ve remained puzzled and in discomfort…take this imaginary scenario

I go see GP cos of pain.

she prescribes some painkillers

2 weeks later, i`m no better

I ring for pysio

told i am on a waiting list

4 weeks go by

physio turns up

dunno what to do…refer to OT

4 weeks later, OT comes

mmm, maybe you need a different recliner

on waiting list

3 months later, a new chair comes

2 weeks later.still got pain…

go back to GP…refer to orthotics…

oh this is just getting just plain daft now, eh? I`ll shut up and keeping shoving me cushion against my knee.

luv pollx