Simon Donald (Founder of 'Viz' magazine)

Have just read Simon Donald’s MS story in the Independent, available on line here:

Hello Ben

I couldn’t get to the story on your link, so hopefully this will work.

Thank you for sharing, I found the story sad but also very positive. I would have loved to see the reactions of the people behind the scenes who were filming, when he was given the diagnosis of MS.


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Hi Blossom, thanks for putting up a working link, I didn’t realise mine was broken.

I too found the account both sad and positive.

I identify with some of Simon’s story, particularly where he thought his GP considered him to be a hypochondriac. I was convinced my GP thought that of me, but later found he had actually strongly suspected MS.


I can identify with it too: even I thought I was a hypochondriac! If you keep feeling sh*t, but nothing’s ever found for years, you do tend to trust they would have found it, and that the problem must be psychological, don’t you?

I’ll always remember my neuro proclaiming: “Tina, we’ve found IT!”, as if to reassure me: “It’s OK, you haven’t been mad for years!”



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Th****e road to diagnosis is indeed bumpy.