side effects


day 3 of full dose tecfidera and i was feeling happy that i hadn’t had any side effects.

3.00 am i woke up needing the loo, burped and then felt that i was going to vomit.

hubby has to be out at 6.00 so i came downstairs thinking i’d snuggle on the coach.

however eldest son is playing on his mixing decks and his mate is round.

so i made a cup of tea and sat chatting to cameron (son’s mate).

suddenly i knew it was going to happen so set off upstairs, on the 3rd step i projectile vomited.

it was all over me, jamas, dressing gown and furry slipper boots.

went up and put clean jammies on whilst cameron cleaned the stairs.


feel really bad for cameron having to clean his mate’s mum’s sick up.

ok i had a side effect but please don’t let this be a regular thing.

feeling really sorry for myself.

at least i don’t have to inject myself any more.

carole x


its done-dont fret re it.

my guess is the pal was glad to help…

i am snowed in today!

ellie x

Aww carole, what a bummer

What a lovely young man your son’s friend is.

Take it easy and enjoy the ‘book thief’


thanks for the replies.

it somehow makes it feel better having some acknowledgement.

cameron is still here, he has health issues of his own so that may explain why he was keen to help.

anyway i’m having a day in bed with my kindle.

carole x

Oh Carole. That is horrible for you. I really hope this isn’t gonna happen again for you. I’m sire it will settle soon.

How lovely of Cameron to help you. That is so nice.

I know you would have done this anyway but have you contacted your nurse/neuro?

You enjoy your duvet day with your kindle.

Lots of (((hugs)))) for you.

Shazzie xx

it might not have been due to the tecfidera. just saying.

try not to let this occurrence increase your anxiety over taking this new drug.

otherwise, might it be possible to slightly change the circumstance in which you take the dose; ie. eat a bit more / a bit less / something a bit different / take it with an aspirin / a piece (or two) of dark chocolate / etc…

chin up, good luck and well done cameron!

thanks everyone

i woke up in a much better frame of mind.

didnt want to risk a big meal so had soup and crusty bread.

then took my tec.

will contact ms nurse if i further ruin my carpet!

carole x

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