I have had a CIS and at 90% risk of developing MS.I am due to see the neurologist in January for a formal diagnosis. I still have tingling in my hands and pai across my collarbone. I would like to ask does anyone experience sickness, i het this every morning and as soon as i am sick i am fine. Is this MS related? I have had this for over a month.

It’s not necessarily MS related. I am sometimes sick first thing in the morning but in my case it’s related to acid reflux. I basically bring up a load of frothy yellow liquid especially if I have eaten something the night before which I know irritates my stomach and causes me to produce excess acid. As soon as I have brought up the excess acid I feel much better. Can you relate to this? Now that I take a gastro resistant tablet daily this happens much less often as it controls the amount of acid I produce. I have also made changes to my diet.

I think you should mention this to your GP as it isn’t good to be sick every morning. It can cause damage to your oesaphagus.

Tracey x