sickness insurance????

Hi all its me again…can anyone give any advice on sickness or income protection insurance… I have not been diagnosed yet and I have only seen my gp about ms symptoms. …is it to late to insurance myself?

Sorry, Andy, but the short answer is ‘yes, you probably are too late’.

Without a doubt, the application process will oblige you/the GP to give them information that will cause the insurer either to decline or to put in exclusions re matters neurological plus extra costs, more than likely. You would then have to judge whether it is worth your while to proceed - which it may be, of course, because all sorts of things can go the matter with a person, not just neurological ones.

I wish I could be more encouraging.


Thank you for your reply.

Sorry but I have to agree with Alison. The minute you consult a dr with a symptom it becomes a pre existing condition.

I don’t know if you could get insurance to cover other illnesses and preclude neurological ones – I claimed on my policy when I got dx and didn’t look to get another so I have no personal experience of this.


Jane sums it up perfectly with that sentence.

Sonia x