Sick or not sick


Hope everyone’s doing OK. Back on here after a long time so must be feeling sorry for myself today!

Does anyone have days when they are fatigued such that they can do some work, but know that you’re only really delivering at 50% if that, and the rest of the time just prevaricating, filling time and and pushing a pen round the desk?

Feel bad about it and in dilemma as to whether to report in sick or not on these occasions. Once I start the number of absences might start to add up. Even more difficult as I can work from home sometimes and no one would even know. Think I’m too honest and conscientious for my own good.

Mrs Sensible says that even when I’m doing 50% I’m still doing more than a lot of my colleagues.

What do other people do?


Mr S

I work 100% from home and have the same challenge. On good days I can work all day and get loads done. On bad days I can work until about lunch, but even then I’m not working at my usual capacity. On those days I try and focus on things that need to get done, but are not time critical, as most of the time I seem to get distracted and make mistakes.

I could report them as sick days, or half a sick day, but you’re right it will all add up. My employer is really good with me, so I don’t want to take advantage of them, but feel guilty booking a day off sick every time I’m fatigued.


Exactly Kedge, you don’t want to take a full day off and you don’t want to not take a day off and feel guilty for not really working much!

We need to be able to say what sort of % of the day we feel we managed to be productive, and be able to report the rest off as sick leave.

Maybe this would be far too sensible though!

Mr Sensible