sick of it all

im no good at the admin role that I’m trialing. I’m physically wrecked and emotionally drained…and, right now, I’m desperately unhappy

Hi Vinnygirl Are you tired of work and are you finding everything is just coming on top? What about taking some sick leave? Sometimes some R n R and taking a step back from everything that is wearing you down helps, there are no medals ( unfortunately ) for ploughing through regardless when you’re suffering, mentally, physically and emotionally as a result. You probably are doing well with this admin work but if you are feeling cr*p you are bound to feel that you are failing even when you’re not. By posting on here that is a step in the right direction for support, there is the MS Society number you can phone confidentially…and sure enough lots of people will come along with great advice on the forum. Don’t ever feel alone x Mich

Hi Vinnygirl, So sorry to hear you feel at rock bottom. Mich is right take some sick leave and recharge your batteries. I’m sure you are good at your job and it’s just your body saying, heh I need a rest. We all feel at times we are useless because we can’t do what we would like but it will pass, just give your mind and body a rest. Sending (((((HUGS))))) Janet x