Sick more than before and deprrssed

I am 27 years old I was diagnosed when I lost vision in my right eye. I have started treatment and I have noticed I am sick very often and for longer. even in summer. I feel like I have the flu constant. Any germs my kids bring home from kindergarten hits me hard. I am drained and tired of this. I know I am depressed too. It is taking a tool on my husband who has to do allot and most earinds and pickups because I am so dam sick. I finally recently went to a amusementpark and the day after I was almost dead I thought my head was going to explode of snot.
Right now I have a headache and I can’t breath thru my nose(And no I never got the corona)

I used to be so healthy just once in vinter maybe a 3 day cold. But now I am sitting inside in summer.

What if I stop the treatment will I get better/the way it was?
I would rather be blind than constant sick, deskusting useless and sad.

@Monkey - wow, you do sound as if you’re being pulled through a ringer! Have you discussed this with your MS Team, on here?

Hello Monkey

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What drug are you on that you feel is giving you these horrible side effects? It does sound as though your immune system has been given a good kicking and you are picking up every virus out there. It’s a good job you’ve not had Covid, it sounds as though you could be really ill with it.

You are still young, and with children too, you definitely need to get some more energy just to live. It sounds as though you could do with a drugs overhaul. As Charlie suggests, perhaps talk it through with your MS team, in particular your MS nurse (assuming you have one).


Tysabri is the name of the drops I take once a month.

I will call my ms nurse on Monday and see if I can stop getting it. I am still very sick …just want to get better. I was not prepared for getting this sick and all the time. My kids shouldn’t have a sick mom.

I had chills on and off all night and so bad cough that i can’t manage to controll my bladder. I even get scared.

My kids have started snotting and coughing this morning so I fear I won’t get better anytime soon.