Showing respect

I have seen this on a few occasions , especially with in laws which i informed hubby that i would no longer be in their company because if i said (corrected) them regarding their behaviour it would end up with a screaming session (not from me), but why do people think they can treat elderly and infirm people as if they cannot achieve anything. I recently started teaching a lady in her 80s how to work an apple mac. She said i will never get this , i said you told me you managed a staff of 80 when you were working, if you can manage that you can manage working a laptop. Last week daughter turn up she had previously told me not to show her mum too much as she wouldn’t get it. This week she said it again, there was a girl from the charity so not just me listening to this . However as the conversation proceeded daughter said i don’t understand this computer stuff, so because she didnt her mum she was assuming was the same. It upset me and my son said mum you cant change their way of thinking. But during my charity work i see this quite a bit . You try to help someone learn something new and the biggest obstacle is their family. Will speak to charity girl this week she may have some ideas.

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hiya trish

the biggest obstacles are being selfish and assuming/wanting that we are all the same.

as humans we are selfish-thinking of ourselves (ego etc). theres a sameness/safety being in the crowd.

we also are caring and do want to help others. i prefer to think that i am in the 2nd camp but i heard last week they were considering a law to help somebody-ie dont walk past! what the heck?!

being kind to each other as instinct is getting lost in the sueing and fear amongst other things.

i recently saw the programme where toddlers went to an old folks home. it was brill! i think its sad that we need to be reminded of such a thing but with families so scattered nowadays that i can see the benefits.

so what has all this got to do with your thread?! (we are all individual-just like everyone else!)

its the same thinking i reckon. humans of all ages need to mix and spread their learning before we all have huge thumbs and no mouth!


Good for you Ladies!

It’s never taken me much to try something new, especially of I am told, “It can’t be done.” When I was 17 I was told that you “can’t mix the Arts and the Sciences” in a career. I invented the idea that I wanted to be a illustrator of science. I found a three year diploma course and worked for half a lifetime as an industrial artist.

I’ve been told I can’t do a lot of things and I’m not going to let MS get in the way of reaching whatever potential I have.

I’m 62.


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hiya ad

i will teach my grandkids and niece/nephew sign language! now easy with one hand but i visited the 80 yr old lady who taught me years ago, on fri for reminders and tips! carer had to take me-impressed what i could manage!

i cant teach them to drive or whatever but we can discuss the highway code.

determination to share is a powerful goal! (stronger than the ‘me’!)


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Anthony I am the same don’t tell me I can’t do things, I will go in the other direction, but feel that folk put their concerns on you perfect example is the book who moved my cheese, it is a business motivation book, basically if you don’t try something new you will stagnate , find that abled bodied folk think that when folk become old or ill they lose their ability to manage life, afraid I Find the opposite.

Another thing that motivates me is, that some people, who are able in mind and body, adopt the attitude that “No” is the right answer before even hearing the question.

I resigned from more than one job because of that attitude prevalent in the office.

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