Shoulder pain

Does anyone get sharp pains under their shoulder blade when washing the pots or household chores

I was going to be flip and ask “Who does chores?”, but I don’t want to make light of your pain. I don’t remember getting anything like that, but I’m also in a position where I’ve just stopped doing the things that hurt me. The only problems I’ve ever had with dishwashing is that sometimes I get too weak to hold anything, but it didn’t hurt.

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I get an ache in my right shoulder (MS affects me more on my right side) if I have used my right hand/arm for anything too strenuous like scrubbing or peeling loads of potatoes. I am also aware of this and try not to do too much with that arm.

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I once dropped a full jar of coffee all over my kitchen tiles… I cried for an hour! Then I had to clean it all Up! ;'-( I laughed and said" MS… WHAT A MESS".