Should I wait to see Rhuemy or as for more MS test? plz help

Hi Last night I was in agony with sharp random stabbing pains all over, lasting for what seemed like several mins in each area, at one point it was sharp pain in left front side of neck, left top of arm, right wrist and left hip and front of bottom left leg ,all at same time! The pain kept jumping about and when on for over 2 hrs! I’ve had this before but not gone on for as long, I was in alot of pain and wanted to twist my bones/muscles round to try and stop it. My arms are still weak and feel as if they are bruised under the skin, they hurt to bend and lifting hurts more, im having to support them on cushions when sitting! Im seeing my doc again today I was so concerned about the stabbing pain last night that last night in bed I shouted to my daughter to please check that I was ok this morning (alive) before she went off to work. I also can’t cope financially on SSP and I’ve spoken to my boss they will let me back part time on lighter duties while pending further tests, so im also while at docs as her to give me a phased return to work note. Im begining to worry at what is wrong and feel I shud of insisted on nerve tests or lumbar. When I saw my doc last week she was bit cold and off hand and said as Neuro didn’t find anything on MRIs without contrast that she didn’t think there was a need to see him again. BUT he is not ms specialist and he didn’t state what was wrong either! He is just going by clear MRI and bloods for lupus and other things ok But there is other muscular disease you can get that the only way to tell is buy biopsys as don’t show in blood. I’ve also read you can still have ms and have clear MRIs but he didn’t order any other tests! Should I wait for rhuemy appointment? Surely if he thinks it’s more than say fibro (if it’s that) then he will order some other tests? I know something is not right! Shud I ask for second opinion yet or not? At present I want to break my right wrist to stop this pain. Im having trouble holding my head up. AND also in bed last night the bottom of my right foot was sparking! Felt like a bonfire sparkler was going off on bottom of my foot that was scary :-(. Thanks

Hi Tracie, terrible situation to be in hon.

How did it go with the doctor today?

I think the trouble is when the MRI is clear that is an indication that lesions are not showing on your brain right now, and I have to say that I don’t think these sharp stabbing pains coming all over your body sound like typical MS symptoms. However I’m no expert by any means.

I think waiting for the rheumy sounds the best plan… after all, your blood work was ok and your MRI didn’t show anything so hopefully the rheumy will be able to find out what’s going on. There are several rheumatic conditions that it might be… inc rheumatoid athritis or indeed fibro which can be very debilitating.

Any idea when you’ll get the rheumy appointment?

Until then, get as much rest as you can and try to find ways of lowering your anxiety. Whatever is causing your symptoms wll be made worse by anxiety. It’s not uncommon to wait months, or even years, for a dx (although hopefullly you won’t wait years!) but while waiting it’s important to care for yourself as much as possible and keep anxiety levels as low as possible.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

Hi Pat and thank you :slight_smile: My doc has said she will chase up rhuematologist appointment so hopefully won’t have to wait for many weeks. She did say theres alot of similarities between fibro and ms but she did say if I was developing ms and have fibro did I really want bad news of ms as it wudnt change anything. She said she doesn’t think theres a need to send me back to Neuro now and if the rhuemy thinks I need further tests then he will order them. She did say that with any chronic illness that it gets you down and I must admit the syptoms I’ve had recently have scared me and ive shed a few tears so she has prescribed me a low dose anti depressant to take for aweek Citalopram 10mg she said even though she didn’t think I was suffering from depression it may help abit and she said can help pain. Thank you Pat x

It’s a horrible situation to be in but Pat has given you good advice and I agree that the rheumy is your best bet at the moment. Try not to stress out and get as much rest as you can. Take care of yourself.



Thanks Janet :slight_smile: x

Hi Tracie

What an awful situation to be in. I’m no expert on ms or fm but I do know that it’s not acceptable for anyone to be left to cope with such debilitating pain. I have been sent from specialist to specialist in the last 3 years but I at least have adequate pain relief so daily life is worth living. There are many types of pain killers your GP can prescribe… Please go to see him/her. The road to diagnosis is too long to bear with pain. Anti Depressants do help, don’t be ashamed to use them. My heart goes out to you, please don’t think I’m bossy, your situation is just unacceptable.

Good Luck


Thank you Min :slight_smile: I feel like im being a nuisance and that im not being taken seriously now. Doc maybe is right in away WUD I really want the bad news of ms aswell so in going to try and keep my chin up and wait for rhuemy appointment and see what he thinks. I did take a whole list syptoms with me to do docs from as far back as I cud remember putting them in order or general syptoms had for years, then ones had over last five years, and ones over last six months She had quick glance and moved list to one side! I thought plz just read it! I said I written it all down and maybe she cud av a look and piece it all together! Thought I was helping in saving looking through my long notes on computer! But she probably threw it in bin when I went!. Trying stay calm but it is getting me down and I feel a mix of anger, frustration, and sadness too. Thanks for all kind words x


There are many people on this site, myself included who understand the anger, frustration and sadness. The anti depressants may help but it all seems worse when you have pain or are tired. Tackling one thing at a time may help, I would like to have a diagnosis so I know what I’m dealing with and what is normal but understand that not every one feels the same. Get what treatment you feel you need.

Take care.

Min x