Should I suggest MS?

I have Graves’ disease and TED (thyroid eye disease). I’ve had mysterious symptoms for around 6 years with no firm diagnosis. It gets better for a while then reappears. I fall, stumble, lose sensation in my left leg, and have blurred vision, which could be due to TED. I was admitted to hospital last week for suspected stroke (possible as my Graves causes atrial fib) but am told the presentation is not classic for a stroke.

I am waiting for an outpatient appointment follow up to MRI, echo and CT scans. My question is, should I suggest the possibility of MS to the consultant?

Hello GrannieAnnie

I suspect the doctor would already be aware of the possibility. You could mention it though. If the doctor has considered it and ruled it out, it might give you a sense of relief. Then again, the doctor might have it in mind and being able to discuss it without scaring you (you’re already about as worried as you could be) could be a real benefit to him/her.

I do hope it’s not MS. But then MS might be the better option than some others. The trouble is though that MS and thyroid problems go together.

There are so many autoimmune diseases / disorders. Many of them fall into groups where they’re more commonly seen together. MS and autoimmune thyroid disease (ie Graves - I’m not sure about TED) are very common. I had Graves’ disease years ago. It was fixed by subtotal thyroidectomy and I now have underactive
thyroid as a result (very common as the surgeons prefer to take a bit more thyroid as opposed to not enough). Ten years after Graves’ was diagnosed, and 8 years after the thyroidectomy, MS entered my life.

So while it’s not something that you are bound to have/get, it’s not impossible.

Best of luck. I hope what I’ve said doesn’t add to your worries. Let me know if so, we can talk about the chances some more.


And sorry about the typos! Wonky eyes and Graves tremor!

Thank you so much fir taking the trouble to reply, and in such a helpful mannner. I’m 70, and have had very goo health until Graves was diagnosed last year, so I am grateful for that and can look with a steady eye at any future diagnosis. I suppose I just want to know, so any treatment can be put in place and I can begin to understand and plan for any future limitations. Meanwhile, my plan sis to appreciate every single day and opportunity! Thanks again