Should I start treatment with Avonex?

Hello. I had optic neuritis confirmed by an MRI. The symptoms started March 1st, on March 13th i was treated with ev corticoids and now I am seeing very well. At this moment my MRIs showed NO LESIONS (1.5 Tesla MRI). Then on April 6th I started feeling ¨weird¨ my right leg, specially my right foot and developed dropped foot (could not walk on heels). One doctor suggests to start treatment with interferon beta now, since he thinks that I do have MS but I could have invisible lesions and and the other doctor wants to wait. What should I do? Any recommendations?

Hi, I am sorry that you have had no answers yet, but it may be that because people on this particular forum are mainly un diagnosed that they (like me) aren’t able to give you advice. Maybe try reporting on everyday living forum where there will be more people who can answer? Leah :slight_smile:

I meant to write re- posting not reporting!

Hi If it was was me , I’d want to start DMD’s as soon as possible, a lot of neuros believe the earlier the treatment to control ms the better. Obviously it’s your final decision and I wish you luck with your decision. I am DX and couldn’t wait to start treatments. Take care Gray x