Should I go to the GP?


Im new to this site and any help and advice would be greatly received , so thankyou so much in advance.

Im 27 years old and have an underactive thyroid. I have had this since age 19. It is treated and Im told that I am in the normal range.

I suffer with exhaustion and this has been ongoing for some time. This I also notice is a symtom of MS, I also have aches and pains and feel really run down . I was thinking along the lines of chronic fatigue syndrome but I am also worried about MS. The other reason i worry about MS is because i have poor balance , but im not sure if thats clumsiness or something to worry about?

My hand sometimes tremors also and can be painful when like this (usually causing pain in my little finger and going down my wrist)

should I go to the Gp to request a referal to see a neurologist or do i need an MRI scan?, or do you need to see a neurologist to then refer for the mri scan. I am quite worried and also suffer anxiety

thanks again

Hi Skyscraper. If i was you id pop into see my GP and let him check you over, im not saying its MS or anything but it really wouldnt hurt to have a check up with your GP but dont mention you think its MS they seem to dislike this, let him/her make a diagnosise. Good Luck

Mac has aid what I would`ve said hun.

It may not be anything as serious as MS, so keep an open mind yeh?

luv Pollx