Should I go to my doctor

Hi I’m getting quite worried about my symptoms and have prior knowledge of MS and ME

im female and 25 and I regularly experience the following

dizziness and vertigo

muscle spasm

Hypertension in particularly my left side giving me limp limbs and comfort holding them in strange positions

weak ankles causing me flopping walking styles and falls

severe back pain and spasms in my back

short term memory problems

difficulty in depth and distance in my vision

tremors and convulsions in muscles

Minor sexual disfunction’s

​extreme fatigue every now and again and it’s very intense but lasts a short time but I almost appear like a narcoleptic when this happens and it can be at any time; meetings, driving, shopping, exercise etc and this really effects my mood

clicking joints causing real bad muscle pains

bladder problems when I need to go I need to go

i get some or all of the symptoms in varying degrees almost daily predominantly spasms and clumsiness and vision issues I would say this has been progressively getting worse since age 18/19/21

I have been diagnosed with previously:


​depression on off and take sertraline (only two courses in one year 2016/17£

does this sound like I need to visit the GP and if so would people say it’s urgent or I should leave it for a bit Or do I have nothing to be concerned over?


You’ve taken the time to post a long list of symptoms here so you obviously are concerned. Make a gp appointment.

Yes, you ought to go to your GP.

The hypermobility will be the reason for some of your symptoms.

The other stuff needs checking out hun.